Sign Craft Mar 22, 2019 10:13:00 PM 3 min read

3 Important Reasons You Should Have a Lobby Sign

First impressions are Important

A lobby sign is your first contact with potential clients, partners and employees. You want to make sure that potential business partners, customers and employees have a positive and memorable first impression. Since lobby signs are the first impression of your business, it should also be the first item you install in a new business and also the first item you update when you remodel or rebrand your business. A custom designed lobby sign from Sign Craft will ensure the first thing clients see is impressive and draws people to your business.

Set the Tone for your Business

The style and color of your lobby sign lends personality to your business. Structured letters with monochromatic colors can send a strong message of stability to potential clients. Bright colorful letters in a trendy font can be welcoming for businesses that cater to kids. Lobby signs with a combination of materials and professional design work make your business presence POP! Whether your lobby sign is vinyl, dimensional graphics, acrylic, cut metal or a combination of these, your lobby sign should be carefully designed by experienced professionals to reflect your business values and reinforce your business image

Lead Clients to your Business

A professionally designed lobby sign allows potential customers to find your place of business easily. A welcoming lobby sign that reflects a professional image while showing off your business logo and custom colors assures potential clients they have found the right place. A professional lobby sign will introduce people to your company on a positive note before you ever have that first handshake. A lobby sign can also leave a lasting positive impression on potential customers after they leave your place of business. Precision design of your lobby sign using your choice of materials and custom colors will bring new customers and return clients to your business again and again. A lobby sign is an investment in your business that works around the clock to help your business grow.